Whether you are an animal lover, or not you will fall in love with the animals after you see these amazing sceneries.

These innocent kittens can make us feel warm just by looking at them. That is how fascinating they look.

Of course, right after you might want to adopt a few little kittens like these. Without a doubt you will fall in love with these cute kittens.

However, the inner truth and the story hidden deep within these pictures might be different. No matter how innocent these animals, there are various hardships along their way. It seemed to be harder to imagine, some people abandon these pets for their comfort. Maybe it is about time to consider these cute ones’ wellness. You might be thinking that the pet will be adopted by another owner.  However, they might be isolated and die of loneliness. The pet that you abandon may still be waiting for you!

All of these sound ironic, don’t they?

Let me enlighten you about another aspect. When you check out the scenes below, you will see how protective the queen is towards its kittens. In their nature, the animals are protective in their instinct. 

In addition, cats may not be as energetic and outgoing as dogs. However, they will cuddle up beside you and will show how much they need your care and affection. Just as people are reluctant to stay in isolation. Remember the last day that you cuddled with your kitten or your pet. If you can, that is better. However, if you are unable to remember then do it as soon as possible since your pet needs you right now. Just as how we may feel, the animals also have emotions, they can feel hurt, distressed and indifferent to them.

Image Credits: Udayanga Wishwajith

Now let us take a close look at how these adorable cute ones behave.

#1 The queen (mother of the kittens) is being protective toward her kittens, just like a human mother.

#2 I want to play hide and seek! Bet you cannot find me!

#3 When trying to get close, the queen is being cautious, as she adores and guards her kittens. 

#4 This cute and adorable kitten seems to be innocent, the same as the others of the litter. They seem not to be aware of what is going on in the outer world.

#5 The cat seems to be intensely considering something in its imaginary world. Well, maybe this kitten is craving something. Put a reminder on your mobile if you keep forgetting to feed your pets.

#6 If you got a dog or cat, then this kind of sight will be ordinary to you. Usually, dogs and cats are sniffing here and there when walking whether it is a road, yard, or somewhere else.

#7 No matter how tired the queen is, she is still observing each movement of the little ones.

#8 It is amazing how animals can give such comfort to us, just by looking at them.

#9 These innocent eyes plead to us not to harm them. How can anyone avoid these unforgettable gazes that ask for our help?

#10 All are cuddled up with each other and having a peaceful sleep.

#11 Not only giving the warmth and cuddles but also each mother considers the survival of their children before their comfort.

#12 Having kittens or other pets beside you is a blessing as they can comfort you whenever you need them.

After you may see these kittens, you will want to foster them right away. However, unless you can guarantee their safety all the time, I suggest you should think twice. In another perspective, taking away the kittens from the queen seems a bit cruel to me. At the same time, if someone does not take care of them, they will eventually die unnoticed.  The least we can do is to help them be happier as they were in the above images.

Usually, pets will love their owner in their entire lives. In addition to the owner, it may be just another pet, since their lifespan is limited, he or she will encounter countless pets.  However, in their perspective, the owner is the whole world. In other words, they encounter one or maybe two owners. When we think about it from their perspective, it is pretty touching is not it? That is why we need to take care of these innocents sincerely. Do your best and show how much you need them within your expressions.

You might be under the impression, why should we be interested in a bunch of kittens. Well, they seem to be identical, but they are not. Each of them is unique, cute, and fascinating. What makes them so special is that they give all to us. As humans, we are only receiving without giving them anything in return. Of course, they will not expect anything in return. But it is our goodwill to take care of them and give them shelter including love and affection. Well do not forget not only to keep their physical wellness but also their mental health. Yes, their mental health can be impacted based on their owner.

Taking care of them won’t be an easy task. However, I can be assured that you will receive more than you gave to your pets. It is pretty viable through various scenarios. For instance, people use animals as their caretakers and even save many people’s lives. That is how loving and innocent nature that they are born with. Well, these pets are at your service whenever you need them. That is how loyal they are.

It is about time that we treat them as they should deserve.!

They deserve more!

Compared with a few years ago, people are pretty much concerned about the welfare of animals. It is evident when you just check Google, you will see many organizations that are working for fostering the animals especially the stray animals.