People think that seeing a black cat means a bad omen. But only a few know the story behind this. This rumor started back in the Middle Ages in Europe. One day, a man and his son who came across saw a black cat, and they hit it with rocks. The cat was injured and ran into a woman’s house. The woman was suspected of being a witch. The day after, people saw the witch limping and bruised. So they thought that this witch woman was the injured cat.

Because of this story, people suggest that the black cats are witches and a sign of death and misfortune. People wanted to get rid of these bad omens.

Not only does Europe believe this story, but some countries worldwide also believe it. However, the cuteness and sweetness that come with the black fur are incomparable. The black color with shining eyes gives them a unique, gorgeous look.

We decided to show pictures of a beautiful black cat with large shiny eyes and black fur to give them support and love. We needed to get rid of that false story and protect them.

This cat is a Scottish fold cat named MeonJi. It is widespread on Instagram, with more than 350K followers. You can check out the amazing pics of this adorable black cat below the gallery. So, keep scrolling down to check them out. Don’t forget to share this with your friend who still believes that black cats are a bad omen. Sometimes, these cute pictures will change their minds.

More Info: Instagram | meonjimeonji