People who live their childhood on farms and villages are probably the luckiest because they are closer to the animals than others. We only think that not all animals are better than cats and dogs. But they know the relationship with every other animal. They were lucky to feel the love of other animals.

You may feel disgusted thinking about cows as pets because you didn’t know about their love. Once you give them love and attention, they are emotional and adorable, like other pets.

Once you see the images below, you’d love to have a cow as a pet. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 Trying to smile like her

adorable cows
Image source: a1nasir/ Reddit

#2 Look at the love between these two

Look at the love between these two
Image source: petey10/ Reddit

#3 It loves her more than a nanny

It loves her more than a nanny
Image source: Reddit

#4 Acting like a dog

adorable cows
Image source: Imgur

#5 Most comfortable natural pillow

Most comfortable natural pillow
Image source: lnfinity/ Reddit

#6 I am having a little nap

adorable cows
Image source: shaysaprocky/ Reddit

#7 Everyone loves the dog

Everyone loves the dog
Image source: glentylee/ Reddit

#8 A Shetland cow

A Shetland cow
Image source: happyhensandhighlands/ Reddit

#9 Why need a teddy bear when she had it

adorable cows
Image source: threegreatscotts/ Reddit

#10 Receiving a kiss

Receiving a kiss
Image source: mac_is_crack/ Reddit

#11 A fluffy little cow

adorable cows
Image source: happyhensandhighlands/ Instagram

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