We have seen many orangutans on the internet and in zoos as well. However, have you ever seen one with white fur and blue eyes?

Then, meet Alba, the Bornean Orangutan, the world’s most unique ape with white fur and attractive blue eyes. Alba is the first and the only albino orangutan released to the wild from a cage in 2017.

Alba, the Bornean Orangutan, the world's most unique ape with white fur and attractive blue eyes

This unique appearance gives beauty to her; however, it also provides danger because of her uniqueness. She has become a clear target for poachers and wildlife traffickers. Albino is also suffering from skin diseases and hearing and vision problems.

unique appearance

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation stepped in to protect Alba by fundraising to buy Alba her island. Fortunately, this fundraising went viral, and they bought an island for Alba. Now she is living with another 3 of her friends there.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

The island has 25 acres and is surrounded by a dense canal system. The foundation is on their routine of providing security and continuous observation.

natural habitat

According to Nico Hermanu, this island will be watched 24/7 by the security staff, including the cooperation of the people and the government.

However, because Alba was taken out of his natural habitat at an early age, she doesn’t know the essential things needed to live. So, she is given continuous forest training and socialization sessions. The best thing is that now she can live successfully and safely.

protect the rarest and most unique ape in the world

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