We always say that animals have better qualities than humans. They care about each other whenever needed, without caring about others’ kindness or color. This incident of a brave dog who took a massive risk to save its kitten’s best friend is also another proof of this fact.

A few years ago in Ukraine, a massive building explosion occurred. Not only the building but the entire surrounding, including nearby houses, was covered by the huge flames and the smoke. The people who lived in those houses needed more time to pack all their valuable things. So, they run immediately to safer places.

Brave Dog

One person released his dog to let it run out from the fire area for safety. However, the dog ran towards the fire building for no reason. The owner and neighbors needed clarification about the dog’s behavior. They didn’t think about it because they weren’t conscious enough to think about it.

The owner’s house was burning, and the dog was missing. After a few minutes, he saw his dog running towards them. But it was not alone!
The dog came with a tiny kitten in its mouth. The dog ran to save this little kitten who was left behind in flames.

Residents saw these two hanging around sometimes, and they used to be bosom friends. This dog is a real hero.

So, what do you think about the bravery of this dog? Running towards the fire to save the kitten instead of running away. It could be the first instinct of the dog. Share your ideas with us about the extraordinary relationship between animals.