With their little paws and big cute eyes, puppies are just bewitching. Almost anyone cannot say no to a fuzzy ball of cuteness. They just do not grow out of that cuteness even if they grow big and bigger. You just love them more and more. But dog owners should always in the lookout for obesity in your pet dog.

It is a crucial necessity to keep them healthy and fit and out from the overweight zone to see our pet living a long life full of bliss. UK’s main vet charity PDSA is giving a lot of advice on how to keep your dog nutritious and healthy. They say that healthy food and regular exercise are very important for their fitness.

As dog owners, we should always try to learn more about how to treat our dogs and keep them healthy. When considering the dogs’ diet, age is a key factor. So research and find out more about diets for dogs before feeding your dog too many sweets just because they act so sweet. The PDSA advises dog owners to weigh the dog and their food weekly to keep track of the dog’s health and keep them out of obesity. Always get help from your vet and adjust the diet accordingly.

So here is a list of the worlds’ biggest doggos you would love to cuddle no matter how big they are because we love them so much, aren’t we?

#1 Ben – the Chewbacca

Ben is a human-sized dog with a beard, and he looks just like Chewbacca. For everyone who’s wondering what a Chewbacca is, he is a character from Star wars who co-pilots the Millennium Falcon. In the front seat, Ben and his beloved owner are an exact replica of Chewie and Han Solo in the cockpit.


#2 Bonner – the fluffiest doggo ever

Bonner is a Newfoundland that helps patients at a rehabilitation unit. Newfoundland often grows very big and fluffy, and Bonner is one of the fluffiest and sweetest. He looks like a giant teddy bear full of warm hugs and cuddles, and kids at the rehabilitation center love him very much. Now we all love Bonner too.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

#3 Huggy bear Schultz

Schultz looks like a polar bear from not only color, from size too. We are so sad that he passed away a few years ago, but in his memory, Schultz’s owner Philip started the Schultz Foundation to help rescued dogs.


#4 Yuki is the successor to wolves

Yuki was left at an animal shelter because he was growing too big for his owners to handle. He was taken by a sanctuary, and being amazed by his look; they did a DNA test on him. Yuki is 87.5% gray wolf, 8.6% Siberian husky, and 3.9% German shepherd.


#5 Great Danes

Great Danes also grow gigantically, and if you got a Great Dane puppy, you know what to expect. Also, no matter how big they get, dogs are sometimes afraid of little creatures like cats and other small dogs. And they love their toys. Aren’t dogs are just big babies?


#6 Newfoundlands

Meanwhile, some Newfoundlands carry your Christmas trees to your cars. Certainly better than rein deers. A lot fluffier too.




Dogs love babies too. They would do anything on behalf of protecting their family. A loyal dog is always a better protector for a kid. Though Cane Corso isn’t very famous for cuddling, some of them can’t get enough of it. And when we see a giant bundle of joy on the way to work, school, or anywhere, we can’t help but cuddle them.








Dogs do not care if they are too big; if they want to, they would come and sit on your lap. Irish wolfhounds, Leon Berger, are famous for being tender-hearted giants too. There are many photos of these gentle giants circulating on the internet, melting the hearts of everyone.











Dogs are the perfect creatures as companions, and they do nothing but love us, and they won’t ever give us heartbreaks. A dog is ready to give up its life to save you so please always be mindful of how you treat them. They are not supposed to be left alone in animal shelters to die. Every dog should be loved and cared for. If you are a dog owner, of course, you should always make it your responsibility to take care of your doggie. You can prevent lots of sicknesses they would get by just treating them well, managing their diets, and giving them regular exercise. If you treat your dog precisely, they will be able to live as long as they could, always by your side, loving you from the first day to the day they die.