Negative possessions are inherent in us by nature. It is very easy and constant that these negative thoughts are growing in quality and quantity. The person is constantly and unconsciously trapped in this cycle of negative thoughts. So, breaking this destructive cycle and escaping from it is not something that can be done easily. It is very difficult for a person who has entered this cycle to find a way out of it.

01. Automatic recognition of negative thoughts

It is a common tendency in this situation to see almost every event in everyday life as spontaneously negative. For example, when someone helps you, you may think: “helped me. How good. There are people who can help me.” But automatically negative thinking leads you to think like this. “Damn, it doesn’t matter if they helped me. I have no choice.” These spontaneous negative thoughts break the personality of the person and immerse the person in hypnosis. Depression caused by a variety of factors can lead to negative thinking. Or it can be caused by congenital hypnosis.

The hardest thing to break this cycle of negativity as a solution to such situations and characters is the person’s misunderstanding of their own situation.

Identify the underlying cause of negative thoughts

What were you doing when the negative thought occurred, where were you, who was with you, when did it happen, what other circumstances were behind it, what were the external factors associated with that moment, and what situations do you see today as an external observer looking at that position? Focus on the facts and identify how you feel about the situation.

Describe as simply as possible the nature of the feelings you experience during the reunion. Arrange the emotions in small, medium, and strong intensities, respectively, according to the intensity of those emotions.

Take a closer look at all of them and connect them to the event that created the controversy.

Identify the emotions that cause negative thoughts

Identify the factors and background and your emotions that caused you to have negative thoughts. Then you can easily understand the background in which such thoughts can be generated in you again. In it you can identify within yourself the ways in which you can suppress negative thoughts.

Identify how you can suppress negative thoughts and attitudes.

You have given the background factors and mood that lead to negative thoughts. In this context, release positive thinking patterns from your thoughts. Break down the cycle of negative thoughts by elevating your strengths, opportunities and resources.

02. Study the current situation in depth

In order to break the cycle of negative thoughts, it is very important to study its origin very well. The following points can be considered for that study.

What are your external and internal reactions to the situation and your attitude towards it?

What you learned from the experience you shared in that situation,

How you can use the insights you gain from experience to break down negative moods and develop positive currents in you,

You will clearly see that the situation is part of a pattern. So you will be able to clearly see how this happens in a continuous cycle. Definitely you have experienced this situation from outside the spiral of negative thinking that you are trapped in.

Now it will be easier for you to break this negative cycle.

03. Recognize that you have negative attitudes

You cannot break this negative cycle until you recognize that you have negative attitudes. By picking and choosing negative thoughts and attitudes, you will naturally have the strength to overcome them. Recognizing that you have negative thoughts is an introduction to positive thinking. By realizing and acknowledging that there are negative attitudes, you will be able to break the cycle through a positive approach.

04. Create positive thinking in yourself

Once you have carefully studied the automatic negative state within you, you are well aware of the impulse and existence of that condition within you. Accept negative attitudes and take positive approaches with understanding.

Then you can be the median of the qualities of 5 regular associates. If there are negative thinkers and those who motivate you negatively, keeping them away from your life is your foremost positive approach.

Sticking to negative attitudes is not your defeat. In difficult times, the difficulty of finding the good is the nature of life. Going forward with effort, without regretting the past, is an essential approach to success. Know that your plans for the future are based on your future productivity and success, and plan for tomorrow.

05. Stand up as a useful person to all

A good night’s sleep under natural light is essential. Wake up refreshed in the morning. Get up as soon as you wake up. Have a nutritious breakfast as well as listen to your favorite music. They make you stronger.

Do not be your critic. Be your trusted supporter. For ease of walking, do not use a sportive stick. Rely on the strength of your feet.

The sportive stick for walk, can be easily broken though; The trust you have placed in yourself will not leave you, but will make you a winner.

This is another special point that you need to understand. Until you make yourself a winner, there is nothing you can do about others. Once you are a winner, you have a lot to do for others. Then do everything you can for them.

Because those around you, the effort you put into keeping them happy, keeps you relaxed.

Negative thoughts gradually build up within you, nurtured by your good contributions, and make you a loser. Understand this situation for yourself and you will have the greater responsibility to overcome it. The above 5 steps will help you to overcome that abyss. “A man can be killed. But a loser cannot.” But now you realize that there is one person who can make you a loser. Only you, as the parent can know for sure.

Who is the only enemy you have that can make you a loser?