In any day of your life, have you given a second thought on how you behaved at a time or some personality traits of yours?

Is this, okay? Is this good? Am I doing myself a wrong thinking this way? Should I change this?  Definitely, you may have experienced this type of a feeling even for a once in your life. So, why not stop for a while and read, cos this may have answers for your questions plus some things to add to your life.

1. Reading other people

Do you think you can read other people? Identify someone’s slightest change in behavior? It can be because you pay your fullest attention even to the slightest thing. So why not take some use of it? You can ask your buddy for any problem they face, any problem they are going through these days. But, make sure not to force them to tell things to you. You can listen to them, console them or help them and simply be a good companion.

2. Forgiving at ease

Forgiving is not easy and forgiving is not done by everybody. So, if you are an easy forgiver with no hustle for that, just be happy about it. When you forgive someone who had harmed you, hurt you or broken you in to pieces, it means you have no hate remaining in your heart. You become totally free of hate and therefore, make sure to forgive wholeheartedly. But keep in your mind, not to let that -what made you hurt repeat again and again, cos unless the cycle will go on hurting yourself and forgiving again and again. Just forgive, forget it and do not let it happen again.

3. Speaking straight

Speaking straight and getting straight to the point is always good, but you need to be little careful in this. Other than showering your peeps with sugar coated words and lies, it is no doubt that speaking straight is thousand times better. When you find a mistake of someone- in their attire, behavior or personality that should be corrected-yes, that needed to be corrected you can speak directly. Again I repeat that -something that needed to be corrected and that should not be something to be adjusted according to your preference. 

If someone is making a harm to people, to the society or to the surrounding environment around them, do not hesitate to speak directly to them and point out the wrong. But, here you have to be very careful. It is true that you have to speak directly, but be mindful in your words, cos once words are spoken you cannot get them back and words can hurt someone than you think. Also, there will be no difference in the one making the mistake and you, cos you are also making a mistake. Just tell them, so they won’t feel offended.

4. Love, love and love

You may be falling in love easily and might always end up hurting yourself a lot. So, what can you do to overcome this? Is it to stop falling in love? The answer will be a big no!! Do love unconditionally. Love- yes, spread your love everywhere with no conditions. Love everything you come across living, non-living, nature, books how many things are there to love for. But remember to love with no conditions, no expectations, not expecting for you to be loved in return. There will be no need for such expectations, cos you will definitely be loved back. And then, people will never say that love hurts.

5. Not a member of the majority

You may hold a different opinion on a certain thing. In a group of people, it can be only you thinking different. So, why worry? Accepted by majority does not mean that its always right. Just think from your brain and feel from your heart. If that is okay, yes it should be.

6. Think- think-overthink

Do you think too much on one particular thing? You know what-overthinking; thinking over and over can definitely kill your happiness and if you are a regular overthinker -you; yourself might have experienced this. But, have you thought why you overthink? That is because you care. So, how can caring become a weakness. It becomes toxic only once you go beyond the limit and stop over thinking of unnecessary stuff. Unnecessary stuff mainly consists of things that are beyond your control.

Why worry of things that are out of your control when you can really really do nothing on it. Just let them pass. But, if you want to think of things that you can control, there is a gigantic list. Things that you need to improve- your strengths, weaknesses, your capabilities, duties and responsibilities and see how the list goes on. There is no doubt that you have had even one of these traits with you, have felt as above even once in your life and may still be having. Anyway, they are no traits to be feared of and not things to be eliminated. Just be in the limits and go on with them cos they are truly a blessing to you, yourself and everyone around you.

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