Although there is money in the sky, some people like to walk barefoot on the ground, eat bread and take a bath in the village alley. But some people who do not even have a penny in their hand dream of riding a BMW car.

Some people fall in love with the world of sexual fantasy. Some of others like to meditate in the forest one day a week. One person is happy to learn and be the best of their batch. Another can be happy to do the lesson work at a loss without carrying too much weight on his head.

Some people choose to enjoy life by traveling and hiking. But others enjoy life by going home for the holidays and watching a movie alone. While some people like the Game of Thrones, others join the second inning.

While one tries to write his name throughout the history books and change the course of the world; another loves to go home with his two little daughters and play with them without chasing names and nicknames.

Some people like to fill up a bunch of friends and have a party singing. Another prefer to get together with only two or three of their closest friends and slowly sip their honey without much fuss. While some lovers like to call every day and share every part of life with others, some couples want five or six children, others decide not to have children.

The mistake that can quickly get your claim denied is to fail. Happiness is a relative thing. What seems good to one person may not be so great to another person. So many people despair in life because they have conflicting dreams and goals for things that make them happy. Before making targets and dreams, first, find out where your happiness is. Maybe it’s the ground where you go to play in the evening or go out with your best friends and have dinner.

If no one in this world is bothered by what you are happy with. No matter what anyone says, no matter how childish it is, please don’t change it. And if things that make other people happy do not harm you or society, do not degrade them. Remember, happiness is a relative thing. Not everyone can be as comfortable as you are …! So, last but not least, the headline made you feel good about yourself and your life.