The original Irish Wolfhound has been around for a long time compared to other breeds. This breed was documented as early as 393 A.D. These Irish Wolfhounds are very intelligent and courageous and have good strength. Because of that, they were treated as guardians, hunters, and war dogs. In 1885, the Irish Wolfhound Club was formed, and it was recognized by the AKC in 1897.

This dog breed has a shorter lifespan compared to many other species. According to, these Irish Wolfhounds have a life span of around 8 – 10 years.

So, the iconic feature of this breed is its massive size, and these hounds are considered the tallest dogs. Their height is about 30 and 34 inches high when taken from their shoulders.

They are actually gentle, even if they are giants. Also, they have been respected as a brave hunter for centuries. Nevertheless, they have a sweet temperament and thrive on friendship.

We collected some hilarious photos of Irish Wolfhounds. Please scroll down to check them. Don’t forget to share your ideas about them.

#1 Home security team

irish wolfhound size

#2 Both dressed like Wayne’s world characters to celebrate Halloween

irish wolfhounds

#3 My dog is performing different moods

irish wolf hounds

#4 “After passing away my mother from cancer, Her Wolfhound also passed away to be with her”

black irish wolfhound

#5 Best place to sleep

newborn irish wolfhound puppy

#6 These two are cute

irish hound dog

#7 Grandmother and her Wolfhound, Image was taken in 1974

large irish wolfhound

#8 Buddies

irish pics

#9 Trying to maintain the figure by balancing two Dachshunds

greyhound irish wolfhound mix

#10 Wolfhound is sitting with his Whippet Puppy

wolfhounds movie

#11 Those three are perfectly matching

small irish wolfhound

#12 He thinks teddy is keeping him safe

irish wolfhound labradoodle mix

#13 He is very tall

irish wolf hound puppy

#14 Wolfhounds have big mouths as well

golden retriever irish wolfhound mix

#15 Oh, this is comfy

black irish wolfhound puppy

#16 I am still sleepy can’t playing now

female irish wolfhound

#17 Same size as a donkey

irish wolfhound tall

#18 Teaching how to cook

huge irish wolfhound

#19 Time to rest

irish wolfhound purpose

#20 Tallest dog, but still a lap dog

irish wolfhound face

#21 Her bed buddy

baby irish wolfhound

#22 He is scared every time he hears the sound of thunder

fergus the wolfhound

#23 This cat loves to sleep between their big brothers

wolfhound ireland

#24 Jazza And Gandalf

irish wolfhound cartoon
Torben Ager

#25 Fergus the Irish wolfhound with the most miniature horse in Britain

irish wolfhound cute
Allan Hutchings

#26 Tallest hound has a long tail

irish names buzzfeed

#27 Having a ride in a Mazda Miata

funny irish pics

#28 Hey doctor, this chair is too small for me

irish wolfhound size

#29 Her big boy

irish wolf dog

#30 This is Jannie; she always thinks she is a person

small irish wolfhound