Taking care of children is a complex responsibility. Parents can’t handle that heavy responsibility easily. They need to be strong and dedicated. This fact is not only for humans but also for animals. If they want to be a good parent and take care of their kids, they also have to be like that. Apart from that heavy responsibility, parents are rewarded with a lot of happiness and satisfaction as a result.

When baby born, they see their parent’s hand as the safest place to stay. So they don’t like being in any other’s place for a second. They started crying and wanted to return to mommy’s safe hands. Here we collect 22 pictures of baby animals living happily on their mommy’s side. Scroll down to check out these adorable pics.

#1 Not their real mommy, but enjoys the company of the dog mommy

Image source: topredditbot / reddit

#2 The happiness when being with mommy

Image source: shockzedd / reddit

#3 The love between the baby and the mother

Image source: lnfinity / reddit

#4 They are going for a ride

Image source: SmStarStudios / reddit

#5 Hey, cutie!

Image source: UltimateProSkilz / reddit

#6 The coziest place to sleep

Image source: Fartraiinerr / reddit

#7 No time to be along

Image source: mossberg91 / reddit

#8 Why are you sleeping? Play with me.

Image source: phenomoo7 / reddit

#9 Mommy express transports

Image source: b12ftw / reddit

#10 The real reason for having a goat beard

Image source: b12ftw / reddit

#11 Strong mommy

Image source: MrBonelessPizza24 / reddit

#12 Cat mom and her 1-hour-old baby

Image source: Mrphus / reddit

#13 Okay, don’t hurt. I will play with you.

Image source: loopdeloops / reddit

#14 Unexpected amount of love is coming for her

Image source: abaganoush / reddit

#15 A cozy pillow

Image source: Nen0888 / reddit

#16 Warm and cozy

Image source: d3333p7 / reddit

#17 Two rooms for two babies

Image source: Spacemakers / reddit

#18 Cute baby playing with mother

Image source: photoshelter

#19 Happy mom with her baby

Image source: Suzi Eszterhas

#20 Why worry about swimming when there is a big boat

Image source: natufo.de

#21 Any better place to have a nap?

Image source: Suzi Eszterhas

#22 Mother kissing its baby

Image source: Brittany Crossman