Sometimes we feel that animals have better qualities than people because most people don’t care about others; they think only about them. People can learn many good qualities like compassion and selflessness from animals.

This story is a good example that shows how animals help each other. Becky Standrige, a park service volunteer in this park, was able to capture this scene. Scroll down to check out the story of this brave horse.

The ‘Champ’ is a horse living in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona. When Champ and his family were grazing along the riverbanks of the Salt River, another horse group, including two mischievous colts, came to them.

They got interested in each other. So, Champ and his family started crossing the river to greet others.

Suddenly, the young one named Filly started drowning because of the river’s currents.

She came to the surface in a panic as soon as she was pulled down.

Champs was selfless and confident then and quickly swam over her to grab her by the side of her neck to save her. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Now the Filly was being swept downstream.

But Champ didn’t give up and tried once again.

Luckily this time, Champ was able to hold Filly.

Champ didn’t let her go until he was sure about her safety.

Lucky Filly was happy because of being rescued, and she ran to her mother.

The Hero, Champ, went towards the other group and greeted each other.

Then all the horses continued their usual doings.

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