Flying squirrels can fly because the membranes between their front and hind legs can travel more than 100m to escape predators. It doesn’t mean they can fly. Membranes only allow them to glide long distances, which is how they travel long distances to escape predators.

Squirrels are adorable, and Japanese and Siberian Flying squirrels are taking the lead. These flying squirrels are only found in the Baltic and Pacific coastal areas in Europe and Japan. If you see them, you will see how cute they are. They look like cute stuffed balls and make you want to squeeze them. Unlike others, they do not hibernate during the winter. They sleep for days on end.

So, have you ever seen them anywhere? No need to worry if not because the images we posted will surely win your heart. Don’t forget to share your ideas with us, and if you have any cute memories of these flying squirrels, make sure to share them with us.









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