Some modelers are born to pose like professionals. Even though we don’t have the talent to pose, we like to pose like professionals. That is why we google posing tricks and tips. Not only modelers have professional skills to pose well. Some animals also have these same skills, sometimes better than professional models.

These animals didn’t learn to pose from anywhere. It is their born skills. Some of them are incredibly photogenic. Keep scrolling down to see some pics of cute animals who like to pose. Then you will believe it.

#1 Whenever he is with this toy, he feels delighted

Image source: dog_rates

#2 A cute security, but the look of it shows he is so strict

Image source: blxckwasp

#3 Are there any best pillows than this?

Image source: TheSoulOfTheRose

#4 He likes to sleep on my husband’s neck, and this is not the first time this has happened

Image source: ADoyy

#5 You will be my pillow, and I will be your pillow

Image source: kevinowdziej

#6Wow, this is so comfy than I thought

Image source: drunktwi

#7 Hey, give me some attention

Image source: FIAman

#8 I need to protect these socks

Image source: scissorsistar

#9 These kittens love to sleep on the laptop

Image source: cockchipmint

#10 periods of sleep in an artistic way

Image source: stashers

#11 He is watching tv

Image source: tmklsh

#12 Do I look like the statue?

Image source: samelaanderson

#13 Can you please take a nice pic of me

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