Parents’ love for their children is unconditional, and it is one of the best moments we can see. Parents do anything for their child’s happiness. They take care of and protect them from anything to ensure their safety.
This incredible bond is not only for humans but also for other animals. Just like humans, they protect, care and give everything for them for their happiness. We collect some lovely and emotional pics representing the bond between parents and children. If you keep scrolling down, you can enjoy them. Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

1. This is Lilica; she is pregnant and posing for a pic in a happy mood

Image source: Anna Fotografia / Facebook

2. The love between father and son is amazing

Image source: K7NGComment / Reddit

3. They refuse to look at the camera directly

Image source: radotink_hedgehog

4. A cute mother and son

Image source: MeanSalamander / Reddit

5. A happy family

Image source: juiiar / Reddit

6. Yes, he is a dad now

Image source: Queen0fPentacles / Reddit

7. I love my mummy

Image source: Amadinka / Reddit

8. A small nap at the airport after travelling few hours

Image source: afterdroid / Reddit

9. Parents are always great protectors

Image source: tarkovsky2186 / Reddit

10. Not only protectors but also best friends

Image source: Reuters

11. Even animals have good disciplines

Image source: Final_Leek / Reddit

12. Everyone is children, so there is no need to mistreat anyone

Image source: urboiDecwise / Reddit

13. You are my child. I don’t care about your look

Image source: Pigoonlet / Reddit

14. Yes, I love them too

Image source: Unknown

15. I love to be with my dad

Image source: Eastnews

16. Lovely mother taking care of her cute babies

Image source: cyXie / Reddit

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