The Mountain Bluebird or the Nevada State Birds are famous for their beauty. It is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They mostly prefer open areas such as mountainous terrains, deserts, and prairies for their habitats.

In this species, the female is the one who creates the nest. The male one pretends to help but loses the nesting materials quite often. They like to build their nests in cavities in cliffs, trees, or dirt banks because it has easy access to their main meals, such as berries and insects.

These birds commonly can be seen in the Western US and Canada during their breeding season. Their breeding season falls in Spring, so people consider it a symbol of the arrival of the Spring season. Due to agricultural practices and deforestation, this bird’s population has declined because they don’t make their nests. Many conservation efforts and “nest boxes” have been formed to help this bird. If you live near this bird’s living area, try to build one in your yard too. So you can enjoy the sight of these bluebirds all season long.

We collected some pictures of this beautiful bird, and here are they in the below gallery. So keep scrolling down to check them out.


Image source: glness


Image source: sparky_stensaas


Image source: santisoukp


Image source: santisoukp

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