You can see the most amazing places on the earth in photographers’ eyes. These photographs are the perfect example of that fact. In 2018, Janine Pendleton explored the United States and captured these amazing abandoned places through her camera eye. Her tour revealed one of the world’s best-abandoned captures in a creative shade of the earth.  

She could capture some mind-blowing photos that usually a tourist can not capture easily. This fantastic British photographer’s journey collected some exciting memories of abandoned places in America.   

As a new trend, people love to visit abandoned places and review. Some people say that these places have some artistic value. But Janine disagrees with that, and she thinks these abandoned locations have a lot of history bound with them.  

Not only could she capture these abandoned places, but she also found a mysteriously abandoned train yard in the woods. These pictures are like photos of a fantasy movie. These images will bring you to another world.  

She extremely loved these photographs and decided to share these photos on the internet as you all can enjoy these photos. You will find some interesting things if you can take a look at them from different perspectives. Each picture holds its mystic history and gives you different thoughts. 

You just have to scroll down and enjoy her amazing captures. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and share these pictures with your friends. Let’s go!

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#1. Abandoned Veronica’s Veil

Abandoned Veronica’s Veil Auditorium

This place belongs to an old catholic school. In early 2010, their attendance level was not enough to make profits anymore. This place was once a popular stage. 

#2. Abandoned trolley car graveyard in the woods 

Abandoned trolley car graveyard in the US

No one is coming to protect this old railway station from rust, and now it’s hidden in the woods. 

#3. Abandoned Blue Box Ring 

Abandoned Blue Box Ring

This place was a famous venue in the United States. And the place was opened in the early 1960s, but this place has been abandoned since 2010. 

#4. College founder’s archive

College Founder’s Archive

This empire of finance document elongs to French- American immigrant tycoon and philanthropist. It has meticulous details, spannings over 50 years of trading.

#5. Abandoned Dark- Dogma Church 

Abandoned Dark- Dogma Church

This church holds over 120 years of history, and it has been abandoned for over two decades.

#6. Eastern State Penitentiary 

Eastern State Penitentiary

This place is famous as the world’s first penitentiary, and it was opened and operated between 1829-1971.  

#7. Abandoned wooden rollercoaster 

Abandoned Wooden Rollercoaster In The Theme park 

This old overgrown wooden rollercoaster was once the star attraction of the former theme park. The park has been falling for decades as a result of disuse and not repairing.  

#8. Rotunda town hall

Rotunda Town Hall

This amazing town hall was built in 1920 and inspired by classical revival architecture style. The building has been abandoned since the late 1990s.

#9. Abandoned elementary school

Abandoned Elementary School

This elementary school was built in the early 1990s, but it was forced to close in the mid-2000s. 

#10. Trade school auditorium 

Abandoned Trade School Auditorium In The US

This building is located on top of a hill, and you can see the whole city below. This place was a part of a large vocational training center.