It is well-accepted and true that parenthood is one of the most blissful periods one comes across in their life. Along with this, the lives of people become more complicated. Playing the role of parents is not easy because many responsibilities are added on your shoulders, in addition to the usual and conventional ones you are having as an adult. But fortunately, parents sometimes find funny moments or make themselves in parenthood. These show that it is also interesting, you have got things to enjoy, and it is not that heavy and dull as you think. 

Most of the time, the fathers are on top in this in comparison with mothers. 

Fathers or husbands who are almost fed up with wives’ nags find hilarious things. They do hilarious things when given the children to be taken care of. Unfortunately, this puts him in a worsened situation because most of the things he does raise mama’s rage.

Dads are always fantastic; simply, they are super cool. Dads have a superpower of saving us, be their children, an infant of several months, a teenager or even middle-aged. Whatever the situation comes across, they have a solution, though it will create more troubles later. That is okay for them because problems will come later. 

Dads never say ‘no’ or ‘cannot. They are ever-ready for any adventure. Be it joining a mermaid photoshoot, taking weird photos, being weird in a photoshoot, getting along with new technology, being with pets or celebrating little things in life. Dads can make anything exciting and super cool. They never hesitate to put their lives in danger to enjoy things and have new experiences. Their jokes are consistently humorous, super exciting and super cool. 

Following are a few pictures of super cool daddies, their jokes and their experiences. Why not look at them and laugh out loud because dads’ things are always super humorousfun, exciting, and cool.

#1 When your kid asks you to join in her mermaid picture session, you don’t say no

Desirae Deal Photography

#2 Today is my son’s first day of school. I did a fantastic job with it


#3 My father edited this photo and forwarded it to my family because he was the only one at work today


#4 My father recently bought a 3D printer and created a stool model for his doctor with it


#5 My father had the opportunity to hold a three-week-old baby goat the other day


#6 Daddio is a savage


#7 What you want to do is play your guitar, But your dad is that guy from Pink Floyd


#8 I feel bad


#9 My father is still learning how to use the front camera on his phone, which is the first time he’s ever sent a photograph


#10 So, my daughter just purchased a house built in the late 1800s. We discovered this, and she threw it out; I recovered it from the trash, and the games began

#11 My dad is adorable, and his bad jokes always make me happy


#12 Cooper leveled up on dog ability


#13 My parents just got internet (Bialet Massé), and my dad is already showing videos to the neighbors


#14 Dad of the year


#15 I promised my daughter a chocolate cake if she pooped on the potty all by herself. I had to pay up


#16 Working with dad

#17 Today, I put on my Dad’s uniform and began my journey as a father! My wife wouldn’t allow me to buy shoes, so I had to wear my father’s


#18 Mom denied putting the picture of our newborn baby on social media, so she has asked me to censor it, and I will not be asked to do so in the future


#19 My boy was shocked when he saw me wearing a wig


#20 My dad “Trying out the plot he just purchased”