Everything in the world wears out over time, Buildings, walls, floors, cars, plants, people, everything. It is not a thing that happens in a few days or a week. It takes some time, like months, years, and sometimes decades.

Scroll down to check some fantastic worn-out images that you never thought of, like marble floors worn down, people’s faces burning, knives losing their blades because of using for a long time. If you have another example from your experience, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments.

#1 My mother purchased these two teddy bears in 1985 for my brother’s birthday, the left teddy bear was used by my brother for 30 years, and the right side was kept in storage for my brother’s first child, who was born today


#2 This monk prayed at the same spot for 20 years. Look what happened to the floorboards.

Reinhard Krause

#3 Before and after power washing buildings in New York, because the city used to be a much dirtier back when the northeast ran on coal plants


#4 Because of people standing on the same spot for years, the marble floor of this bank is worn down


#5 The coins got older over time


#6 This is a lamp pole, and it has a thousand layers of posters


#7 28 years drove a delivery truck and the sun-damaged the face


#8 I Said goodbye to my best friend. After 13 years, the vaccination tag worn down after a lifetime of tinking against his water bowl. RIP friend


#9 This silver dollar has worn out because this coin has been in my grandfather’s pocket since 1952


#10 Car radio button is worn out, and its looks like a Victorian portrait


#11 Because of the rays coming from the sun directly, the grass in that area is dead


#12 This is the marble steps of the leaning tower of Pisa, the steps worn out


#13 This is a front of the register in a restaurant that opened in 1924; the floor has worn through all the floors


#14 The door is worn because it hits on the bell every time opens


#15 Stirring marks on the bottom of my coffee cup


#16 I Moved the rug after 16 years. Now we can see what the sunlight can do to hardwood floors.


#17 Remains of an old neighbor


#18 Steps worn out the cause of repetitive human action over time


#19 Turning a handle at a science museum that was used for 15 years


#20 It is nicely worn


#21 The paint on this door wore away and revealed all of the previous colors


#22 The wear marks on this tetherball pole


#23 Dad has used the shaving brush on the right for 30 years. That’s what happened to it compared to the new one on the right.


#24 My carpet has never been replaced, and it has been here since the ’70s


#25 The wind has blown these plants to swing so much that it has worn the wood down


#26 The center seat is used very rarely, so this happened to the other two seats


#27 A fax machine that has been used heavily for a long time, the paper has cut the plastic on the device over time


#28 The design on the rug has worn out over time


#29 Both bundles have £500; the only difference is the left side bundle is new, the right side one is used


#30 I used this Burger King collectible cup for 20 years. I found a new one in the box at a flea market today.