Family is a close-knit bond that gives everyone strength. No matter what you’re going through, they’ve got your back, even if the rest of the world is against you. On Friday, October 22, this was shared with the rest of the globe via an individual’s Instagram account.

The lovely daughter of late cinema legend Paul Walker walked down the aisle gripping the arm of Vin Diesel, whom her father considered a brother, for her wedding. Meadow Walker, 22, and Louis Thornton-Allan, both 22, recently married in the Dominican Republic. Meadow is a prominent model in her own right, and the presence of her father’s “Fast and Furious” co-star Diesel added to the beauty of her special day. Vin Diesel would never turn down a chance like this. Meadow’s post about her special day, as well as the caption she included with it, mirrored this. Scroll down to read more of this heart-touching story.

More info & Photo courtesy: Meadow Walker


Image Credits: Meadow Walker


Image Credits: Meadow Walker

Meadow’s father, Paul Walker, died in November 2013. The 40-year-old Paul died in a car accident in Los Angeles. When officials arrived, the car was completely engulfed in flames, and both passengers were pronounced dead on the scene.

Following her father’s death, Meadow Walker founded and is the president of the Paul Walker Foundation, which works to protect seas and wildlife. Her father’s former co-star has remained one of her closest friends.


Image Credits: Meadow Walker


Image Credits: Meadow Walker

Moments captured with her loving father during old days are below.


Image Credits: Meadow Walker


Image Credits: Meadow Walker


Image Credits: Meadow Walker

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