The internationally renowned Easter Island is particularly famed for its sculptures on the volcanic Island. It is a genuinely spectacular view to see the entire field of roughly 1000 ‘Monoliths’ set out. Recently, the study team at UCLA organized an expedition to uncover a feature concealed from the public; there is more to the Easter Island monoliths than their heads. The crew discovered the remains of the sculptures by digging them up.

By an aura of mystery, the Easter Island monoliths were surrounded by countless theories and stories. They weigh over 80 tons and stand tall approximately 30 feet in height; they and the Island itself received its name ‘Easter’ because the Dutch explorer Roggeveen spotted them on the Easter day of 1722. Now, the team at UCLA has disclosed roughly 150 of these sculptures for future investigations. Check out the collection of images of the project below and share your opinions with us!

More Info and Image Courtesy: CNN | Easter Island Statue Project