What is mother’s love? A mother’s love can be described as the purest form of love in this entire world. Mother’s love is unconditional. There’s no ending to her love. Nobody can ever replace her love. A mother will protect their child no matter what happens to her life. 

That is how mothers are. 

There is a strong and lifelong bond between mother and child. She is always there when we need her the most. A mother is somebody who believes in you and who understands you properly. A mother’s love plays a significant role in each child’s life. Actually, the mother and child bond cannot be expressed in words. 

The pain of giving your child away to somebody is unbearable. But in this story, this woman had no choice but to send her own child away when she was young. 

When this woman finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, it may be at a time in her life when she is simply not ready for all of the responsibilities and duties of parenthood. This young mother may definitely feel that she is too young and also unprepared at this point in her own life to provide everything she wants her child to have. Her reason for placing the child for adoption is to find a truly prepared family to raise the child. However, this story has a happy ending. At the final point, the joy of reuniting with her child is truly a blessing.

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So, read this is the emotional story between a mother and a child.

Hey everyone, this is a real and heart-touching story between my birth mother and me. My story started like this. I am an adopted child. My biological mother gave birth to me when she was very young. Honestly, she was FOURTEEN at that time. 

Yeah, she was not at the right age and had a mindset for raising a kid.

So I was given up for adoption when I was 24 months old. The parents who took me as their aborted child told me about her growing up. I still keep all the letters my mother wrote me that she asked if they could give me if they wanted.

It is crazy and sad when reading it sometimes and knowing it was actually a child who wrote it saying she’s sorry she couldn’t be my mother, but she hopes and prays me to be happy and safe. My born mother was always open to having contact; however, we had to move for my father’s job when I was just 11 years old, and after that, it seemed really impossible to find her.

But luckily, I did. I found her. I was able to find her. 

I found that my mother was working at this small restaurant, so I kept going there to see her, but she didn’t know it was me, her child. I really wanted to tell that to her from the very beginning I saw her. 

Anyhow, I did not.

My and my mother talk sometimes. And to me, she seems like a lovely and caring lady. I felt so happy to spend time with her and watch her. 

Sometimes when she says something to me like “do you want a refill this glass, honey” or uses another term like that, I badly want to tell her that I’m her child. I wanted to hug her and say how much I missed her during past years. I had so many things to say to her, and I asked so many questions. 

But I could not do any of this. I did not dare to ask these things and do these things. I guess I was scared, but I am not really sure. I really do not know the reason why it makes me this nervous. You know what we talk about sometimes, and she even seems really genuine if the restaurant is not super busy, more open, and likely to talk about random stuff.

You do not believe that; I literally drive 2 hours to come to eat at this place just to see my mother. And it seems to me like she knows me already as I have been there once or twice a week and for the past three months. She always greats me and said hi with a big smile, and then one day, I finally confronted her. This is the end of my story. 

So you see. Even though she did not know that I was her child, she treated me well. I am glad to be her child though I could not spend my childhood with her. She chose adoption to give me a happy life, and that is completely okay. So I never blamed her or hated her for having me when she was young. All I know is I love her so much than anybody else in this world. And I’m pretty sure that she loves me more than I do. I feel I am really lucky to finally meet her, talk with her, and get to know how amazing she is. I feel blessed to be her child. I’m proud of her.