Stillness in Motion: The Matka Series is a project by the Polish-American sculptor and public artist Olga Ziemska which creates a stunning sculpture of a woman. The sculpture is made only using natural objects, mostly tree branches, and looks breathtaking.

This idea came to her mind while traveling back to Poland in 2003. The first sculpture was created during her residency at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland. After that, she decided to continue her work because her work resonated with people.

She is interested in natural objects and the environment to use her sculptures. During the past few years, she created sculptures in different countries, like Romania and Korea. She always tries to use materials that are native to the country. The environment has all the things for her work. She said she gives more attention to the environment to find new material quickly, which is also the key to creativity.

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The Polish-American sculptor and public artist Olga Ziemska made this stunning sculpture only using natural objects.

stillness in motion
sculpture by olga ziemska
humanlike sculptures
sculptor  olga ziemska
bamboo art by olga ziemska

See more pics of her notable works below!

bamboo art by olga ziemska
olga ziemska sculpture
eyes bamboo art olga ziemska
human head olga ziemska sculpture

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