The year 2020 and 2021 can be described in harsh, challenging, and unrelenting words. However, finally, those two years passed. It’s no miracle we all feel anxious, stressed, and tired from everything that happened these two years. But, life is not always just doom and gloom.

The main reason to keep it going is people always try their best to do wholesome things for others. We decided to show you the bright side of those years and created this list for you. Don’t forget to explore the most uplifting stories and share your ideas with us in the comment section. Please scroll down to check them.

#1 I finished my chemotherapy treatment. Still steroids and radiotherapy remaining, after that, I’m cancer-free

wholesome pictures

#2 Let us all be kind to one another


#3 Hello everyone, I came to the world just 15 minutes ago

wholesome pictures
Mari Gavasheli

#4 This guy is bottle-feeding a kitten on the subway

Gillian Rogers

#5 After a fire swept through his town, he reunited with his donkey, Ennis

wholesome pictures

#6 The love between father and a son never end

wholesome pictures

#7 This boy has Crouzon’s syndrome, and they did a plastic correction. It also improved his vision and breathing.

wholesome pictures

#8 Today, she becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day


#9 My grandparents didn’t see me for months, then they finally figured out how to FaceTime. When my grandpa caught me, this was his face.


#10 I Went to the animal shelter for a dog, and they didn’t have any dogs there. Then I saw this little girl, and now she is my friend forever.


#11 This cat was painted by my 93-year-old Dementia patient. Even though I have no cat, I fell in love with this one.


#12 Emma has six kids, and she saved all of her six kids from their burning home. She is a super mom.

#13 I needed this


#14 We all agree with this one

#15 Emergency confetti


#16 This deer was so tired he was starting to drown, and my cousin rescued it when he was fishing on the river


#17 He is enjoying his life


#18 Band-aid that matches your skin color


#19 I’m a horse vet. While I talked to people, this cute little guy fell asleep on my feet.


#20 I asked this Handsome fellow on the right to marry me, and he said yes! so, 2020 ain’t all bad for me


#21 I’m a teacher, one of my students send this letter to me


#22 An autistic boy who can’t be touched and his mom bursts into tears of hope and joy when he connects with a service dog

4 Paws For Ability

#23 We should treat one another, like this 8-year-old boy


#24 Ezra survived A Cardiac Arrest. A strong dude


#25 This is Captain Suzy Garrett and her first officer, Donna. The first mom and daughter pair in history to drive a commercial SkyWest airline together


#26 My pup always steals my chair, so I got a matching chair for him. He’s delighted now!


#27 My mom donated 31 blankets to sick children


#28 I got way too drunk at the office Christmas party in 2019, and I bet with my coworker that I would spend the year 2020 getting fit. I worked hard and won the bet. I am so proud!


#29 This kind man drove two hours and used his drone to recover this meadow which was lost in the woods for ten days


#30 We celebrated when my husband has been sobering for 700 days