Thanks to Italians, we can taste delicious foods like pizza and fantastic wines. Also, because of them, we can have marvelous arts such as art Monalisa by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. We can’t forget that western civilization also came from Italians. So, as you can see, this southern European nation gave us a lot of things, and we have to thank them a lot, so we decided to offer our thanks using Italian jokes.

Sometimes, you get tired because of people commenting on your Italian accent, loudness, hand movements, strange relation with pasta, and other Italian things. Sometimes you cringe when someone starts singing that’s Amore, and you have probably heard of every single mafia joke. So, don’t worry, we are not trying to make your life harder from these Italian jokes. This is all about Italian foods and love for them.

So, scroll and check down this list of Italian jokes that indeed make you laugh. Don’t forget to share with your Italian friend an appreciation for their inventions and things they gave us.

#1 Alien or Italien

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#2 Normal DNA vs. Italian DNA

italian jokes

#3 Language barrier

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#4 Problem solving, Italians vs. others

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#5 Italian vampire

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#6 Italian sign language, different signs for different letter

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#7 Way of arresting Italians

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#8 Nuclear pizza blast

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#9 Italian Fidget spinner

what do italians look like

#10 This is how the Italian plug top look like

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#11 Italian way of liking a Facebook post

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Italians be like

#12 Trees in Italy

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#13 A Italian chef

italian insult

#14 A massive pizza

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#15 They have Logini

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#16 Italian loch ness monster

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#17 Learn to speak Italian fluently

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#18 Normal bow tie vs. an Italian bow tie

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#19 Super Mario Italian version

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Martín Nicolás Ormazábal Palma

#20 An Italian joke

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#21 Human skin composition vs. Italian skin composition

do italians have big noses

#22 Norma screws vs. Italian screws

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#23 When an Italian baby wants something

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#24 An Italian spy

greasy italians

#25 That’s how they give parking tickets

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#26 Italian way of applauding

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#27 Italian way to say I love you

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#28 Italian gown, spaghetti gown

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#29 Human blood vs. Italian blood

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#30 way to shut up an Italian before kidnaping

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